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Safe Baby Bottles

We stock the largest range of BPA free bottles in Australia. Here you will find bottles from your favourite brands such as Avent, Tommee Tippee, Nuby, Safe-T-Bottles and Evenflo, just to name a few. We also stock all the teats that accompany these bottles, which are also BPA free.

BPA stands for bisphenol-A, and is an organic compound that is used to make certain kinds of plastics. It had been used in baby bottles since 1957 due to its durability, but in the last decade world health experts have made certain conclusions about its health effects. It has been found that BPAs can be absorbed from the plastic into the water, and because the chemical structure mimics certain hormones, it can interfere with normal development and functioning- even leading to serious health issues.

Luckily, there are much safer alternatives for health conscious mums of bottle fed babies. Our super safe baby bottles are made from glass, BPA free plastic, and stainless steel. The glass baby bottles are ideal for quick microwaving of milk on the go. The BPA free plastic bottles are accident proof and super easy to sanitise. The stainless steel bottles are ideal for travelling, and come in a range of cute designs.

Down to Earth Organics also carry BPA-free sippy cups, for when your little one graduates to drinking from a cup. The EarthLust stainless steel model even comes with a lid that is also a regular cup, for taking the last step towards drinking from a real cup. Other safe sippy cups come with handles, for little ones still coming to grips with holding the cup themselves.

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