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Fragrance Free

Did you know that a typical fragrance comprises of between 100-350 different chemicals? The scent from fragrance enters the body through the lungs and the skin, and it’s the chemicals in the scent that cause the reaction on our skin and in our respiratory system.

At Down To Earth Organics we have introduced our Fragrance Free category filled with natural skin care, hair care, cosmetics and cleaning products that are unscented, fragrance free, natural, safe for the environment and suitable for sensitive skin. Our range of unscented products includes everything from sensitive laundry liquid (ideal for those who experience an uncomfortable reaction in clothes washed in generic detergent) to fragrance free deodorant, for protection without the powdery perfume.

Simple, pure and healing – fragrance free skin care for sensitive skin

These are cleansers, toners, moisturisers and treatments stripped down to the bare essentials. When you use a fragrance free moisturiser, you’re getting only the essential active ingredients, and nothing else. When you think about it, it’s a sensible choice even for individuals without sensitive skin and it’s a great way to lessen your exposure to multiple ingredients. Unscented skin care products such as basic soaps, hand washes and laundry detergents are also the safest choice for a household with a variety of skin care requirements.

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